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Small Plates - Fire Fly Restaurant in Traverse City

designed to stimulate your appetite. Perfect to mix, match and share

Choose any three small plates for $35

Asian Skewers
Filet Mignon and NY Strip, grilled atop a pile of Sweet Potato Fries with a Balsamic
Hoisin drizzle 14.

Crab Cakes
Corn Flake crusted Blue Lump Crab Cakes with Cherry Compote 14.
*Add 2. for 3 / 35. special

Seafood Fondue
Crab and Shrimp smothered in a White Cheddar Sauce served with homemade fresh bread 14.

*Beef Tenderloin
Gorgonzola stuffed Puff Pastry topped with a 4 oz. Tenderloin and Rosemary Garlic Demi-glaze 15.
*Add 2. for 3 / 35. special

*Tuna Tartare
Tossed with scallions, red pepper flakes, and thai chili sauce 15.

Bacon wrapped with a vanilla Beurre Blanc 16.
Add 2. for 3 / 35. special

Black Bean Cakes
Two Black Bean Avocado cakes atop sliced tomatoes and served with homemade salsa and
topped with Sour Cream Sauce 11.

*Sesame Tuna
Tuna Steak, seared with Black and White Sesame Seeds and served with
Wasabi Creme Fraich, Teriuaki and Stir Fry Vegetable 15.
Add 1. for 3 / 35. special

Mi Vida
Grilled Salmon served with a Cuban Black Bean Avocado Cake and topped with
Sour Cream and homemade Salsa 15.
*Add 2. for 3 / 35. special

Handmade, Ginger Pork stuffed, served with a Soy-Ginger dipping sauce 12.

*Chicken Satay
Marinated chicken atop pork fried rice served with a spicy peanut sauce 13.

Brie Fondue
Melted brie, l mawby sex, and dried blueberries. Served with baguette bread 13.

Blue Gill Basket
Breaded blue gill filets with handcut fries and remoulade 13.

Pork confit, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, and egg served with a thai dipping sauce 10.

Chicken Piccata
Breaded chicken with lemon caper cream sauce served over basmati rice 12.

Sesame seed and Parmesan crusted local Whitefish with Capers, Red Onions,
Basmati Rice, topped with Remoulade 14

Thinly sliced Calamari Steak, deep friend, tossed with banana peppers and tomatoes.
Served with Garlic Aioli 13.

Add 1. for 3 / 35. special

Horseradish Crusted Strip Loin
Horseradish crusted 5 oz. New York Strip atop a bed of White Cheddar Jalapeno grits
with Rosemary Garlic Demi-glaze 14.
Add 1. for 3 / 35. special

Fire Fly Nachos
Pita Chips topped with White Cheddar, diced Jalapenos,
Artichoke Cream Cheese, Tomatoes and Sour Cream 10.

* denotes proteins that can be served less than medium. Consuming raw or undercooked proteins may lead to food-borne illness.

Substitute Tofu on any small plate at no charge.
Add Tofu to any small plate 3.

All small plates are 1/3 off on Mondays
All specials are dine in only

Seafood Fondue
Seafood Fondue
a hot dish of crab and shrimp smothered with a white cheddar cheese sauce and served with fresh bread

Homemade Potstickers
Homemade Potstickers
handmade dumplings pan fried and served with soy-ginger sauce

Fire Fly Specials - Small Plates 1/3 off!

 Roast Pork Tostada
Roast Pork Tostadas
Slow Roasted Pork, Corn Tortillas, Black Beans, White Cheddar, Lettuce, Scallion Sour Cream


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